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Technology & Lifestyle Expert

Jonathan Roubini is a world renowned technology & lifestyle expert. His work has been acclaimed by top leaders in the industry, including Bill Gates.

Expert Judge

Jonathan has served as an expert judge for international awards including the CES Innovation Awards and the CTIA Emerging Technology Awards.
Jonathan’s expertise extends to his role as expert witness.

TV Personality

Jonathan has been interviewed as technology & lifestyle expert on national and international TV stations including CNN HLN, FOX, NBC, CBS, LA TIMES TV, Associated Press, BBC and RAI Italia.

Award Winning Journalist

Jonathan’s groundbreaking work at PC Magazine and Lab Reviews has earned him the coveted Excellence in Technology Journalist Award.

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Jonathan Roubini is the winner of the coveted PRSA Award for Excellence in Technology Journalism. Jonathan’s groundbreaking work in technology journalism has been acclaimed by the top world experts, including Bill Gates.

Jonathan started as a teen as a contributing editor to the leading Italian technology magazine. He soon moved to the U.S. to attend the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. He then began his impressive career at PC Magazine as the Lead Analyst of the Software and Mobile categories. Jonathan pioneered new testing techniques and was in charge of directing all the lab work for PC Magazine’s blockbuster Windows cover story.

Jonathan’s expertise covers all kinds of modern technologies, gadgets, computers, smartphones and appliances. Jonathan also covers lifestyle products as well as cars, health and travel. He has appeared as a leading technology & lifestyle expert on CNN Headline News, the Associated Press, LA Times, BBC, and other US and international television stations. Jonathan also serves regularly as a judge for several international awards including the prestigious CES Innovation Awards.


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